ISO 8601

From biztalk360:-

Out of the 2 important tricks we applied, one of the trick is agreeing on the standard date and time format string between the client and REST API. It’s a simple no brainer decision to use the ISO-8601 format, it’s pretty much THE internet standard when it comes to handling date and time in web focused applications.

Self-tuning Systems

From Where are the self-tuning systems?

In 2015, self-tuning systems mostly don’t exist. Every single piece of software still relies on magic numbers found empirically or pulled out of thin air, by developers or by users, possibly manually adjusted later in order to get closer to an acceptable security/ reliability/ performance balance.

ES6 Generators

From Hanging Up On Callbacks (video here).

What does the following code output?

function* powGenerator() {
  var result = Math.pow(yield "a", yield "b");
  return result;

var g = powGenerator();

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